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Sunday Mass Obligation Returns to the Diocese of Raleigh

Bishop Zarama has lifted the dispensation that has been in place for the Mass obligation for Sundays and Holy Days for the faithful in the Diocese of Raleigh. 
For centuries, the Catholic Church has had in place an obligation for Catholics to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. Importantly, the Church specifies that the elderly, sick, those with pre-existing health conditions or other vulnerable people are always dispensed from this Mass obligation. In some instances, the bishop or pastor may “lift the dispensation” among the faithful. This may occur during severe weather, for instance. Most recently, this has been the case during the COVID pandemic.
As so many of the faithful gather for Easter Masses, Bishop Luis offers this reminder that the obligation to attend Mass is also an invitation to return to our churches and renew ourselves in receiving God’s love through the Eucharist.
“The doors of our churches are wide open,” said Bishop Luis. “Now let us open our hearts, embracing each other in community and fully embracing the gift of God’s love with an open and joyful heart.”

Knights of Columbus Charity Golf Tournament

The Knights of Columbus, Our Lady of the Rosary Council #9039, will host its 36th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Thursday, June 16, 2022 in memory of Dick Donaldson & Norm Melanson at Sea Trail Plantation Golf Club – Jones Course. Tournament proceeds provide financial support to local charities. Registration is open to all, including singles. For playing details and hole sponsorships please contact Bill Bumbera @ 410.419.2066 or Joe Kaczvinsky @ 513.478.2950.

The Problem & Mystery of Suffering

Why do bad things happen to good people? is a question that atheists as well as believers in God find themselves asking. Fr. Paul has some answers: the good, the bad, and the ugly. You are invited to come, consider, and learn. The presentation will take about 75 minutes and will include time for questions, answers, and discussion.

  • WHAT: A teaching on the Problem and Mystery of Suffering
  • WHEN: Friday June 3, 2022 9:30 am after 9am First Friday Mass
  • WHERE: St. Brendan Sanctuary in Shallotte, North Carolina
  • WHY: We want to know why there is suffering and evil in the world.
  • HOW: PLEASE REGISTER by signing up at the desk in the Gathering Space or by emailing Fr. Paul at You may also text or phone him and leave a message at (304) 433-7472. It helps us with preparing handouts.
  • WHO: Fr. Paul Wharton, is diocesan priest from Wheeling-Charleston on Sabbatical and Priest in Residence at Saint Brendan. He has been a Priest (39 years), Prison Chaplain, Dean, Vicar, Teacher, Presbyteral Council Chairman, and a Consulter for his Bishop.
  • WARNING: This presentation will NOT be live-streamed or taped.

An Announcement from Father Paul

I am both sad and excited to tell you that I will be returning to my Diocese to begin a new assignment as Pastor of Blessed Sacrament Parish in South Charleston, WV. My last weekend here will be on Pentecost Sunday, June 4 & 5. When priests are ordained, they take a Vow of Obedience to the Bishop and his successors. My Bishop needs me more in West Virginia than he needs me here in North Carolina. He was kind enough to grant me this time with you at St. Brendan’s. I have been blessed many times over during my Sabbatical and have been assigned to the one and only parish in West Virginia where I would even consider becoming a Pastor again. It was an offer I could not refuse.

Naming Opportunities for The Blessed Michael J. McGivney Pastoral Center

Our new Administration Building/ Eucharistic Adoration Chapel is projected to be completed this coming September.Donors are invited to “Name” an individual office within the new building in memory of a friend or loved one. Some offices have already been named, but many are still available:
Office #1 Our Lady Queen of Peace
Office #2 Saint Elizabeth
Office #3 Saint Catherine of Siena
Office #4 Saint Joseph
Office #5 Immaculate Heart of Mary
Office #6 Saint Therese of Lisieux
Office #7 Saints Anne and Joachim
Office #8 Saint Philomena
Office #9 
Office #10 
Office #11 
Office #12
Conference/Mtg Room: Our Lady of Guadalupe
For more information on Naming an office please contact our pastor, Fr. Mark: or 910-754-8544 Ext 3 
Donations for the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel
Tabernacle / $ 10,000
Main Altar / $ 9,000
Pulpit / $ 8,000
Baptismal Font / $ 7,000
Presider’s Chair / $ 6,000
Deacon’s Chair /$ 5,000
Altar Server Chair /$ 4,000
Sanctuary Lamp /$ 3,000
Credence Table /$ 2,500
Pew #1 / $2,000
Pew #2 / $2,000
Pew #3 / $2,000
Pew #4 / $2,000
Pew #5 / $2,000
Pew #6 / $2,000
Pew #7 / $2,000
Pew #8 / $2,000
Recognition will be given for donating a Chapel Appointment, such as in whose Memory the donation is made, as well as the donor’s name (unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous).
For more information on donating a Chapel Appointment, please contact our pastor, Fr. Mark,, or 910-754-8544, Ext 3.
(Note: There may be more than one donor for the same Appointment. For example, the Sanctuary Lamp will need year-round candle refills. Appointments made of wood will need upkeep and cleaning. Multiple donors for the same Appointment will greatly benefit our parish!)

New St. Brendan Columbarium Addition

Why be buried in a Catholic Cemetery or Columbarium?

All through life, the Catholic Church is present to the living by baptizing their young, celebrating their growth and development, blessing their marriages and praying for them during times of illness. Since death is a natural part of life, it is only fitting that the Catholic community be present at the time of death. Burial in a Catholic cemetery or columbarium is a statement of continued belief in that everlasting life, even in death.
The Saint Brendan Columbarium is a sacred space, a prayerful place of reverence, and a place to remember and honor the devout. Catholic cemetery grounds are consecrated. These sacred grounds are an extension of the Catholic Church. We are going to start building our new phase soon. If you would like to purchase a Columbarium niche please call Rusty in the office 910- 754-8544 – Ext. 6.

Groundbreaking Ceremony!

The Groundbreaking Ceremony for our new Office Building (floor plan below) took place on Sunday February 13.

Our Parish is Growing! This article originally appeared in our bulletin in March of 2019, but is still pertinent today.

Prayer of St. Brendan the Navigator
"Help me to journey beyond the familiar and into the unknown. Give me the faith to leave old ways and break fresh ground with You.

Christ of the mysteries, I trust You to be stronger than each storm within me. I will trust in the darkness and know that my times, even now, are in Your hand. Tune my spirit to the music of heaven, and somehow, make my obedience count for You." ... Amen
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