Small Christian Communities

“One way of renewing parishes…might be to consider the parish as a community of communities…It seems timely therefore, to form ecclesial communities and groups of a size that allow for true human relationships.” – St. John Paul II

For centuries, Christians have come together to pray, reflect and support one another in the faith. In recent times, such gatherings have come to be known as small faith-sharing or prayer groups, small Christian communities, small church communities and the like.

No matter the name, all groups are about developing a closer relationship with Christ, making the Word of God an integral part of everyday life, and experiencing the grace of Christian community.

Groups determine their own focus but meetings can include prayer, a topic or Scriptural reading for reflection and / or discussions, sharing personal experiences or insights into God’s presence in everyday life, studying church documents and whatever else the group feels would be beneficial to spiritual growth.

These small groups are microcosms of the larger parish and St. Brendan’s parish is blessed by the small groups that have been formed by parishioners in various residential communities. We all share in their prayer, spiritual growth and graces. Their gatherings help to strengthen the bond of real community in the Church and enhance the life of the entire parish.

May we, like our patron, St. Brendan, trust joyfully in the guidance of our God and in the goodness of our fellow travelers.

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