Parish Community

  • Works to encourage a friendly and welcoming environment of spirituality, hospitality and inclusion into the faith community for new parishioners.
  • Contact – Karen Carr 910-575-8167
  • These are held twice per year and designed to welcome new parishioners.
  • Contact Nancy Anstock  910-575-7680 and Karen Carr 910-575-8167
  • Meetings held the first Monday of each month at 9:30 in the library; collaborates with area healthcare facilities for the education of our parish community on health issues.
  • Contact – Sandy Jones 734-751-6882
Social gatherings:
  • A social gathering where parishioners come together to enjoy lunch and an afternoon of games and socializing in Brendan Hall. 
  • Contact – Janet Shirdon 910-754-4378
  • Volunteers assist in planning this Feast Day celebration.
  • Time Commitment:  decided as the event planning begins. 
  • Contact – Sister Mary Teresa 910-200-9209 or Sister Rosanne Caiazzo 910-616-2105
  • Volunteers provide hospitality to bereaved family and friends upon request.
  • Time Commitment:  varies  
  • Contact – Jackie Gromadski 910-842-9430
  • Volunteers help with a day of celebration for parish children. 
  • Contact – Sister Mary Teresa 910-910-200-9209
  • Volunteers help to plan and organize the annual Mexican Festival in May.
  • Time Commitment:  decided each year as work begins. 
  • Contact – Sister Mary Teresa 910-200-9209
  • A social gathering for parishioners, who are widowed, divorced or single for any reason. 
  • Contact – Mary Spengler 910-575-4664


  • Maintains textual and picture history of our parish community. 
  • Time Commitment:  as needed. 
  • Contact – Beverly Methvin 910-754-6577 and Rita Canfield 910-287-6649
  • Prepares blurbs, articles, announcements and other pertinent information related to parish and local community activities.
  • Contact – Rusty Joy 910-754-8544
  • We work in partnership with the Brunswick Literacy Council to aid in learning the English language.
  • Contact – Teddy Altreuter 910-579-1057
  • Updates the website with current and pertinent parish information; evaluates and modifies the design and layout of website when necessary.  Maintain contact and communication with parish organizations and ministries to solicit information and news regarding activities.
  • Contact church office

May we, like our patron, St. Brendan, trust joyfully in the guidance of our God and in the goodness of our fellow travelers.

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